Guest Post – Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife

The festive season is the perfect time to show the special woman in your life just how much she means to you.

There’s always the same problem, though…

What to buy?

If you are looking for some general Christmas gift ideas for your wife then you’re in luck!

We will take a brief look today at 5 distinct categories and hopefully, after reading through these, you’ll have no shortage of wonderful gifts to choose from.



The good news with jewelry is that you have a very wide range of options up your sleeve.

A ring is perhaps the first thing that springs to mind and, if you are buying one, always get a diamond if you can afford it. No woman can have too many rings so don’t panic if she already has a bristling ring tree on her dresser. There’s always room for more!

Necklaces offer a very wide scope for creativity. You can go for something classic in gold or silver, perhaps a stealth alternative in platinum. If your wife is more bohemian, maybe focus on something dangly with a pendant.

Watches are the other obvious classic when it comes to jewelry. As with rings, there’s no such thing as too many watches. If your wife likes her timepieces, Christmas is always the perfect opportunity to add to her collection.



Perfume is one of those semi-selfish presents: you buy it for your wife but you get to smell the gorgeous fragrance as you cuddle up after Christmas dinner.

Opt for perfume if you want a more intense smell and eau de toilette if you are on a tighter budget.

There have been significant improvements in the perfume world meaning that you no longer need to pay a fortune for a top-notch scent. That said, signature fragrances from the most expensive brands always impress.

Take the time in the lead-up to Christmas to ask some subtle questions. Get your wife to spray on some samples when you are out shopping without giving the game away. Work out whether she wants more of her favorite staple or some fresh blood instead.

With an enormous choice at your disposal, a trip to the perfume counter is guaranteed to yield a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year.



Does your wife adore fashion? Most women do!

Here you can really let your imagination run wild…

From shoes and boots through to hats and scarves, sexy underwear to winter coats, there really is no limit.

When it comes to clothing, you know better than anyone the kind of items that will light up your wife’s eyes. If you are unsure, consider dropping some sly hints or asking one of sewing machine for advice.

One thing’s certain: if you are married to a fashionista, there is never any risk in adding to her considerable wardrobe!



Technology used to be mainly a male thing but those days are history.

Every aspect of our lives today is enhanced by various electronic gadgets and Christmas is the perfect time to buy something special for the love of your life.

Whether it’s a new cell phone or an iPod, a tablet or a laptop, there is an almost endless succession of choice.

Think about the things that your wife loves best in the tech field and buy accordingly.

Traveling Wife


Does your wife travel lots with work? Or with you?

If so, there are ample opportunities to wow your lover with a thoughtful gift tailor-made for her busy lifestyle.

Passports are small and easy to lose or damage. A colorful leather holder can solve these twin problems.

Sunglasses always come in handy on a long journey and you can pick some up from the very best labels without breaking the bank.

Luggage is another great way to indulge your wife with something truly special.


Rather than viewing the selection of festive presents as a chore, embrace this time of year. Take the time and effort to choose things which will demonstrate just how much you love the most precious woman in your life.

Think about some of the suggestions here and explore the rest of our site.

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for your wife, just take the time to mull things over and you should have no trouble coming up with a present that will show her just how much you care.

And there are only 100 days until Christmas so get started soon!

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