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The world of gardening can be somewhat confusing. There are so many different tasks to be done in the garden and you need to choose the correct gardening tools for the job. Take your time when deciding. You want your tools to last and to be user-friendly. Particular care must be taken if you suffer from back problems, dodgy knees or have arthritis. You want the gardening tools that will help you to keep a good posture. Keep your tools clean and put them away when you’ve finished with them and they could outlive the house!

Try out the tools in the shop making sure nothing will prove too heavy or too uncomfortable to grip. Remember, you could alter the width of a handle by adding a padding material. The wider the handle, the easier the grip. Choosing the type of material for your gardening tools depends on your priorities. The lightest are aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber. Stainless steel will keep its condition well and slice through the soil more easily but it’s not the sharpest of the range.

A lot of gardeners find that buying interchangeable tool heads gives them the flexibility they need to tackle any sort of job. You can also use the heads as hand tools thus expanding your arsenal of gardening tools even further. For easy to use secateurs and shears, you need a spring action which is not too stiff. Make sure pruners have an easy cutting action too, especially if you’re going to be dealing with thick branches. If you’re buying a wheelbarrow, you don’t want the sort that resembles a supermarket trolley, careering in the opposite direction to the one you’re going. The two-wheeled variety is considered best with stick out handles that can be steered with one hand.

Some jobs are a little ambitious for manual tools and call for power tools. For example, if you have a big hedge to cut. Once again, consider the weight of the gardening tools and whether you’ll be able to maneuver them. These gardening tools will need a power source, be gasoline driven or even cordless. Choose according to the layout of your garden and its proximity to the nearest sockets.

It’s easy to fill up the garden shed with all the tools a gardener requires. Forks, spades, rakes, trowels and hoes are all lined up like soldiers waiting for orders. Not to mention seed sowers, leaf blowers and weed pullers. Then there is the watering system. Do you simply have a watering can or a fully automated sprinkler system? These decisions will be determined by your budget, your need for labor saving devices and the size of your garden. Above all, have good fun and exercise with your gardening tools. It’s got to be cheaper than joining a gym!

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