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I admit it. I’m addicted to jewelry!

Shiny silver rings with lots of diamonds, that’s my weakness. I have several on each hand now and I’m hoping to add some more to that collection. This is why my husband absolutely hates it when he knows that I’m going to the mall. He crosses his fingers and hopes that there isn’t a jewelry sale going on. I have to smile at that, though, because he doesn’t realize that on the Internet some sites have a jewelry sale going on every day. Of course, it’s hard to try rings on over the Internet. I prefer to do my shopping in person.

There’s nothing like getting a flyer in the weekend paper and seeing that my favorite jewelry store is having a sale. It’s a huge bonus if the flyer shows some shiny rings that I have yet to own. Sometimes, I plan my day to cater to the time that the jewelry sale begins. It’s nice to be the first customer in the store and have the sales associates’ undivided attention. Considering the fact that I have years of jewelry sale and shopping experience, I can clue you in to some things to watch out for…

Though franchise jewelry stores can sometimes offer interest free deals or deferred payments, you might not always get the best price. I have found that some smaller, individually owned jewelry stores go out of their way to give you the absolute best deal. Maybe they can’t offer such great payment plans but, if you’re saving quite a bit of money and getting a unique jewelry item, it may be worth the commitment.

A jewelry sale may look very inviting and appear as if you’re getting a terrific bargain but always be familiar with the store. Every so often, I’ve found that some stores will actually raise the prices before having a sale in order to make their sale prices look as if they are more of a saving than they actually are. One franchise jewelry store that I became familiar with has a history of doing that and I am no longer in attendance when they have a jewelry sale. I recommend that you don’t just go to a jewelry sale without a clear idea of what competitor’s prices are. A sales clerk may be able to convince you that you are getting a wonderful steal when, in fact, a store in the same mall may have an identical item at a much more reasonable price. Do some research before making that purchase. With all of that being said, just keep in mind that sometimes a jewelry sale may not really be that much of a sale. Once you find that great deal, though, it’s time to show off that shiny new piece!

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