Christmas Gifts – Sports

There are many families that spend a great deal of money on gear for sports. My family is one of them. It seems that each week there is another trip to the store to buy gear for sports for one of my children. Between the children’s school activities and my husband’s love of the outdoors, we purchase gear for sports throughout the year.

The schools used to provide gear for sports that the children participate in. Budget cuts and decreased funding for sports now makes purchasing gear for sports the responsibility of each participant. This is difficult for some families on a tight budget and it may mean that their child will not participate in an activity because the family cannot afford the sports gear. Most schools do have scholarships that help with the cost of the gear for sports, but this is often embarrassing for the student so they choose not to participate.

Of the gear for sports that we purchase the most expensive is hockey equipment. Hockey skates alone are very expensive and with growing teenage boys the skate size often changes during one season. We are on first name basis with the owner of the hockey equipment business since we spend so much time and money in his store. An additional cost for gear for sports involves apparel. Often times you do not have to shop for the apparel, but you do have to pay the school for the uniforms. This is usually a rental fee, because the player does not get to keep the gear for sports.

My husband fishes and hunts. This means that our budget for gear for sports needs to include him as well. The gear for sports that he is involved with does get handed down to the children, as he purchases new equipment. The sporting gear industry is very good at creating new and improved gear for sports on a regular basis. This insures that the sportsman is always making additional purchases. It seems that several times each week we have catalogs in the mail that are filled with gear for sports. The gear for sports listed in these catalogs ranges from basic fishing and camping equipment to extremely specialized merchandise. My husband’s eyes light up like a child’s at Christmas when he gets one of these catalogs specializing in gear for sports.

There are merchants available that handle used gear for sports. This can be a great alternate way to purchase equipment for a child that is trying a sport for the first time. This way you can avoid a huge financial commitment only to find out your child does not like that particular sport. Some of the used gear for sports stores will purchase equipment or sell it on commission. This is a good way of getting rid of gear for sports that you may have accumulating in storage areas.

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