Spend Christmas with Your Family

Sometimes in this age, finding family time is hard. Often, it is even tough to find this family time in the midst of holidays…

Thanksgiving, Easter and other occasions are holidays that are based on family. Christmas is the major “family” holiday. However, in the wired world it can be awkward to find family time even then. Some businesses now stay open on Christmas, forcing people to work. Truck drivers have never been able to rest on Christmas. My pastor’s family is one of the worst off. Every Christmas, he gets a call that he has to go visit another family that has suffered a suicide loss. Christmas is fast becoming a lost holiday for families. I am going to offer some tips on how to spend more time with the family this Christmas.

First of all, string some popcorn. Stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree is a very old tradition. Granted, it might not seem like incredible fun but it is very time-consuming. That will make sure that this provides plenty of quality time with the rest of the family. It’s incredibly easy, too. Just pop several bags of popcorn then run a needle and thread through each kernel. This gives you a homemade Christmas tree decoration that will let your family spend plenty of time together.

Also, you could have a birthday party. Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus, so why not bake a birthday cake, read the nativity story, and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Then, each person can write down something in their life that they are giving to Jesus. This not only gives you a little extra family time, but it also keeps the kids focused on the real meaning of Christmas.

Why not go shopping in pairs? Kids can go together to shop for parents, parents can unite to shop for kids and each parent/child pair can go for the other. This is a great idea to get some family members in groups to spend quality time with each other. They can also learn about the people they are not with by finding out what they would like.

Another idea is to make your own Christmas ornaments. One of the fondest memories I have of Christmas is making candy cane reindeer. This is done by twisting brown pipe cleaner “antlers” on top of a candy cane and then hot gluing eyes on the front. This little family time can not only give you more time each Christmas but it can also remind the kids of fond memories whenever they pass the tree. Of course, you can also make more, longer-lasting ornaments to endure through the years.

Watch some Christmas specials. I am 20 years old and to this day I still watch them. Every year, we watch a cocktail of the original copies of “Rudolph”, “Frosty the Snowman”, The Grinch”, “The Santa Claus”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and my personal favorite, “Muppet Family Christmas.” We also watch others but their titles do not spring to mind. One of the best ways to do this is get the family together some nights to watch ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas”. December 1-25, they play a Christmas movie every night. Trust me: this is something your kids will remember for the rest of your life.

Finally, decorate the tree together. Until my sister and I went to college, every year my entire family decorated the tree together. Now we are not home as my college and her work interferes but we both decorate our own. I got to spend some time with my girlfriend, my roommate, and his girlfriend this year decorating a tree. This is really a lot of fun and it gives you an excuse to spend time together.

We all really need to remember our priorities year-round but especially during the holiday season. This means spending more time with the people we are closest to and hopefully these tips will give you a way to do that.

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