The Increasing Popularity of Artificial Christmas Trees

Although  Christmas trees have been around for generations, there has been a constant evolution of this holiday icon to reflect the trends and fashion of the time. The first l Christmas trees were made from goose feathers that were dyed green and wound onto sticks like tree branches. Today, you can find feather trees as their popularity is coming back into vogue, but modern feather trees come in an assortment of colors like pink and white.

The first modern Christmas trees were crafted by companies that made brushes, and the trees were manufactured in a similar method – with bristles constructed to look like needles. Now you can find these trees in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors, to fit every space and every décor imaginable. However, there are some fun trends that crop up with these artificial Christmas trees that make decorating more fun and interesting every year.

Metallic Trees

In the late 1950’s, the first metallic trees came on the scene. The idea was that Christmas trees do not have to be green to be a beautiful addition to your Christmas décor. The first metallic trees were often constructed from material that was highly flammable, leaving many unable to place light strands of any sort on the tree branches themselves. Instead flood lights were used to illuminate these artificial Christmas trees. More modern tinsel trees are flame retardant, and can be safely used with light strands.

Within the last decade, it has become popular to sell  Christmas trees with pre-strung light strands. This is a popular choice for those who hate to deal with the frustration of the Christmas lights every year. Some of these trees are illuminated with fiber optics that will not only light the tree, but allow the lights to change colors as well. These Christmas trees have brought ease and beauty for our decorating enjoyment.

The last couple of years have seen a new trend in Christmas trees – the upside down tree. These trees can set in stands on the floor, or be hung from the ceiling. The advantage that many find with an upside down tree is that more ornaments can be hung at a higher level to be kept out of the reach of small children and pets. Upside down Christmas trees also have additional room to house larger presents underneath. The other benefit is that they make an interesting focal point to your Christmas room.

Christmas trees can be a great opportunity to get creative and fun with your Christmas décor. And you can reuse the same tree for a number of years, without having to worry about the mess and disposal of a fresh tree. These are just some of the reasons that Christmas trees have become such a common sight in many homes today at the holidays.

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